The 2016 Election feat. political science professor Richard Fox, LA Times opinion writer Joel Silberman, and comedians Adam Yenser and Kevin Munroe

Dr. Richard Fox (Loyola Marymount University professor and author of “iPolitics: Citizens, Elections and Governing in the New Media Era”) Joel Silberman (LA Times opinion writer and Obama 2008 campaign staffer), Adam Yenser (Emmy-award-winning Ellen writer and Politicon Political Comic of the Year) and Kevin Munroe (San Francisco Walk the Plank comedy competition winner) bring standup, analysis, and predictions on the 2016 presidential election.

Immigration feat. journalist Mickey Kaus, immigration attorney Kathy Khommarath, and comedians Johan Miranda and Laura Crawford

Happy to release the podcast of our 10/25 show on immigration.

Journalist Mickey Kaus and immigration attorney Kathy Kommarath join comedians Johan Miranda (Bridgetown Comedy Festival), Laura Crawford (Buzzfeed) and your hosts Lou Perez and Toby Muresianu for a good and pointed discussion on the always-contentious topic.

This time around, we throw some figures into the mix with some charts on the overhead. You can see them below:

List of countries by immigrant population (wikipedia)

Share of legal US Immigrants by part of the world, 1992 vs 2012.

Screenshot 2015-10-24 11.27.36

Immigrant share of population, 1910-2013 (source)


Estimates of the US Unauthorized Immigrant population, 2000-2011 (image, source)

Screenshot 2015-10-24 11.28.08

Institutionalization rates by immigrant status (source)

Screenshot 2015-10-24 11.25.40

And (source):

Screenshot 2015-10-25 15.58.17

US population growth rate, 1960-2010 (source)

Screenshot 2015-11-25 11.19.59

US population distribution, 2014 (source)

Screenshot 2015-10-24 11.35.07


Number and percentage of immigrants in the U.S., 1910-2010, plus census bureau projections till 2060 (source):


The following are taken from the slideshow produced by Jeffery Passel at the Pew Hispanic Center.

“Key features of Migration”:

Screenshot 2015-11-25 11.35.53

“Huge share of Mexicans now in US:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.00.37 PM

“Apprehension rate is up, but virtually everyone gets in”:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.01.47 PM

Guns feat. Adam Winkler (UCLA), Josh Stepakoff (Women Against Gun Violence), Katie Massa Kennedy (The Queen Latifah Show), Ed Greer (Comedy Central)

A seemingly always topical discussion about guns and gun violence in America, with standup from Ed Greer (Comedy Central), Katie Massa Kennedy (The Queen Latifah show) and hosts Lou Perez (Youtube’s Greg and Lou) and Toby Muresianu (Real Time with Bill Maher). Joining them on the panel are Josh Stepakoff, mass shooting survivor and board member of Women Against Gun Violence, and Adam Winkler, UCLA law professor and author of Gunfight: The Battle over the Right To Bear Arms in America. Recorded at Oh My Ribs! Entertainment in Hollywood, CA.


Feminism feat. Porn Director Anna Arrowsmith, Advice Goddess Amy Alkon, and comedians Faith Choyce and Laura Crawford

Our August show featured great standup and a lively (and sometimes heated) discussion with Dr. Anna Arrowsmith (gender academic and porn director), Amy Alkon (host/writer of Advice Goddess and author of “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck“), and comedians Faith Choyce, (“One of America’s Funniest Lesbians” by Curve magazine) and Laura Crawford (writer for, BuzzFeed and others).


Police Brutality feat. an LAPD Cop, Greg Edwards, Thaddeus Russell and Thai Rivera

Excited to release the podcast of our first show on police brutality. It was a great discussion with Greg Edwards (“Thug Notes”), Thai Rivera (Comedy Central), Thaddeus Russell (Occidental college professor and author of “A Renegade History of the United States”), an LAPD cop, and a few feisty audience members.