Sunset Space

Big news: we are no longer recording new episodes of Unsafe Space.

On the bright side, I (Toby Muresianu) will be starting a new show. It will have some of the best elements of Unsafe Space: Stand-up on big issues, discussion with experts, and your questions. However, we’re taking it to the next level and streamed it on – and taking questions from – the internet, so even you folks who live far away from our venues can join in on the fun.

It’s called Up Close & Political  and will be a monthly live show at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club and streamed on our facebook page (and possibly other places – follow the show on twitter for updates).

There will also be an in-studio live stream with comics and experts getting into the biggest issues of the week with viewers. A once a month show isn’t enough time to cover a news cycle that somehow seems to span 36 hours a day, and I’m excited to get more funny and interesting people on the show.

However, it is a little sad to leave Unsafe Space behind. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, listened to, performed on, or (praise be upon you and may the angels sing your name) rated the show on iTunes.

Here’s to ends and new beginnings. Thanks and hope all your ideas remain unsafe.

Trade War feat. Ramsay Badawi, Jimmy O. Yang, Jonathan Aronson, Ian Henderson and Brian Peck

We trade takes on a trade war with comedians Ramsay Badawi (KPCC), Jimmy O. Yang (HBO’s Silicon Valley) and panelists Jonathan Aronson (USC International Relations), Ian Henderson (writer for American Greatness), and Brian Peck (USC Law Center for Transnational Law and Business)! Hosted by Toby Muresianu and Faith Choyce.

Conspiracies feat. Adam Tod Brown, Tom Goss, Gar Culbert, Richard Fox and Nigel Raab

We get to the bottom of what’s *really* going on with Adam Tod Brown (host of Conspiracy! the show), Tom Goss (of the Mean Boys podcast), and professors Gar Culbert (Cal State LA professor of Political Science), Richard Fox (author of iPolitics: Citizens, Elections, and Governing in the New Media Era), and Nigel Raab (Professor of Russian History at Loyola Marymount University). Hosted by Toby Muresianu and Faith Choyce.