Russia feat. Kira Soltanovich, Sofiya Alexandra, Peter Savodnik and Benjamin Graham

Standup and discussion on the original international bad boy: Russia. With journalist Peter Savodnik (journalist and founder of Stateless Media), Benjamin Graham (USC International Relations professor) and comedians Kira Soltanovich (Showtime) and Sofiya Alexandra (Amazon’s Danger and Eggs).

2:20 Toby Muresianu Standup

6:40 Sofiya Alexandra Standup

16:00 Kira Soltanovich Standup

24:40 Panel Intros

25:47 What are people getting right and wrong about Russia?

31:05 Does Russia want to get caught in places like Uk

36:26 What is the Syria conflict about?

39:00 Do the Russians have a compromising tape of Trump?

41:55 How can people say Russia isn’t powerful?

46:18 How do you make jokes in a time of political danger?

53:02 Understanding Russian History

55:20 What is the story that the Russian government tells itself?

1:05:50 What’s behind Russia’s links to the far right?

1:11:45 Any possibility of Russian regime change?

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